My very first friends

The Friendsbook for children from 3 years onwards


A book to save the precious memories of the very first friends - with lots of space to draw, glue and colour.

My very first friends

is a colorful and beautifully illustrated friends book. You and all your friends can travel around the whole world. Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America: every one can pick a double page and decorate it using pencils, felt pens, confetti, stickers, stamps in their unique style. So you get a wonderful album full of the precious memories of your very first friends from kindergarden and elementary school.


All your friends from kindergarden or elementary school, your siblings, the children from next door as well as your most favourite grown-ups. In short: everyone you like to spend time with, laugh, play and make fun.

What makes the book special

Suitable for girls and boys:

Various animals of this world (and a pink unicorn) are living inside the book, so everyone will find a theme that she or he likes.

Space for all your friends:

60 pages offer space for yourself, 21 friends and 6 grown-ups.

Very personal memories:

You learn from your friends, where they are from, which plans they have for their future, what they love to do and many things more. So you still will remember them in many years.


What grown-ups should know

Suitable for children from 3 years onwards:

It’s easy to be filled in also by younger children nearly without any help because of illustrated proposals that can be ticked and space to draw individual master pieces.


Available in English and German.

Handy format

21 x 21 cm

Robust and long-lasting

With hardcover and thread-stitching this book is made to last and ready to travel through many little hands.

For little artists

The paper used inside is solid and an excellent material to be drawn onto with different pens and materials.

For our nature

The book is printed onto 100% recycling paper that has been produced CO2-neutral and the emissions that are caused by the printing process itself are counterbalanced 100%. We produce in Germany, try to keep transportation ways as short as possible and use preferably recycling materials for the packaging.

How much does the book costs?

The price for the book is 16,90€ + shipping.

How does the book get to you?

At the moment there are two possibilites to order the book: eighter you order via my online shop at (currently only available in Germany, but I’m working on expansion) or via e-mail.

  1. Write a short E-Mail that contains
    your name
    your address
    the number of books you would like to order
    the language you would like to have (English or German)
  2. Wait for the response containing detailed information for the payment as well as shipping possibilities and pricing
  3. Pay either via bank transfer or PayPal
  4. Look forward to the book being delivered

I am happy to arrange a pick-up within Budapest, let’s talk.
In case shipping is needed, the costs for packaging and shipping vary depending on the country.